HPC Foodservice is committed to the environmentally responsible manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of its products.  Purchasing decisions reflect concern for issues such as:

  • Source reduction
  • Recycling
  • Solid waste reduction
  • Natural resource conservation

As a New England based company, it is important to us to support the local economy.  Therefore, we have made a commitment to local products and to working with a local, preferably independent and regional supplier network within our service area. 

Whenever possible, HPC Foodservice supports local Connecticut and New England growers, purchasing farm fresh products and distributing them to our customer base. 

This practice helps foster a community spirit while keeping our local economy healthy.  Choosing local vendors also allows HPC Foodservice the opportunity to back-haul, thus reducing our overall carbon footprint.




  • HPC recycles 3,000 pounds of cardboard per week
  • HPC recycles all broken pallets
  • In an effort to reduce post consumer waste, HPC utilizes electronic uploads and media marketing on a daily basis
  • To reduce fuel consumption for travel, HPC has initiated web based meetings and training with our suppliers, customers and sales associates
  • All of HPC's delivery vehicles are equipped with self-inflating tire systems which eliminate fuel waste and reduce our carbon footprint
  • HPC recycles all office waste paper
  • All HPC employees were given thermal mugs and water bottles to help reduce the foam and paper cup usage
  • HPC's Proline Systems department has taken a stance on Green Chemicals, offering all customers the option of making an impact on the enviornment using a new line of chemicals designed with no or reduced harsh chemicals.  These products, which have been approved by the Green Restaurant Association, are enviornmentally preferable and many are completely biodegradable
  • HPC has eliminated the use of cardboard for split cases and now uses recyclable plastic crates